Origins: Founded in 2021 as Chiron Scientific LLC, as a Wyoming, USA LLC, we have since grown to add a U.K. Ltd. company as well (Chiron Scientific Ltd.). Our products are inspired by the founder’s (Parker Bradley) trials and tribulations out of a life of chronic pain and exponentially deteriorating health to one of vim, vigor, and joyful productivity.

Locations: We have offices in the U.S. and the U.K. Our manufacturing partners & supplier consist of 4 in the U.S. and 2 in the U.K.

The Company Namesake: “Chiron” (/ˈkaɪrən/ KY-rən; also Cheiron or KheironAncient Greek: Χείρων, romanizedKheírōnlit.‘hand’) comes from Greek Mythology. Chiron was the first, oldest, wisest, and most just of the Centars — a creature that was part man and part horse. He was a teacher and a healer.

Print by Mabinogion

The earliest depictions of Chiron depict the front portions as entirely human and clothed, to emphasize the connection with knowledge, wisdom, self-control, and civilized culture — that distinguishing aspect of man from animal, and a nod to Apollo’s influence in Chiron’s upbringing.

Ancient Greek Pottery with Depictions of Chiron.

This is in contrast to many later depictions, especially artists from the Renaissance up to the present day, which prefer to emphasize the animal aspects, both in form & nature, and only give Chiron the head and naked upper torso of a man, with the rest being all horse.

Painting by Girolamo Donnini (1681-1743)

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